• Acme Bolt Seal
  • Acme Bulldog Seal
  • Acme Bulltip Seal
  • Acme Cable Seal
  • Acme Combilock Seal
  • Acme Crimp pcs Seal
  • Acme Encapsulated T Seal
  • Acme F Seal
  • Acme G-Lock
  • Acme Griptight PP Seal
  • Acme Griptight Seal
  • Acme Lead Crosshole Seal
  • Acme Lead Round Seal
  • Acme Sealing tools
  • Acme Sealing wire
  • Acme T Seal
  • Acme X Seal
  • Acme YP10 Seal
  • Acme Barcode Seal
  • Acme M Seal
  • Acme NT Label Seal
  • Acme PT Label Seal
  • Acme TE Document Bag
  • Acme B Seal
  • Acme H Seal
  • Acme Quick Cuff
  • Acme Cable Ties
  • Acme Twister Seal
  • Acme Smartlock Seal
  • Acme Valve  Seal

Acme Historical Timeline

2003 1998 1928 1895 1884


Further expansion of the Acme Group production facility in Malaysia with the acquisition of an adjoining factory unit dedicated to the manufacture of the increased range of Acme plastic security seals.


Acme Seals (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, obtains ISO 9001:2000 accreditations.


Acme Seals Limited, obtains ISO 9001:2000 accreditations.


Having been in Leytonstone for almost 120 years the company moves to a new factory and warehouse in Witham, Essex, easily accessible by road and rail and within easy reach of Port of Felixstowe, Harwich and Tillbury Docks.


With the ever increasing worldwide demand for the renowned Acme Seals range of security seals, Acme Seals (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is established in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia, to make available to the Southern Hemisphere the same high quality range of security seals as is manufactured by the UK company.


Continuing design and development of new products and materials results in the addition of a full range of plastic and heavy-duty barrier seals.


With the culmination of the original ASL we see the introduction of the patented T seal with integral viewing holes allowing the user to observe the correct locking of the seal. The design patent covers the principle of all clear plastic covered security seals in use today.


Acme designs and patents the first flat metal strap Acme Self Locking or ASL Seal which has a double lock action.


The Finger seal Clip seal is designed as an alternative to the conventional lead seal but without the need for a sealing press.


The Acme Ball Seal is designed for the Canada Pacific Railway and is the first metal strap seal that can be locked without the need of a sealing device. This seal is later replaced with Acme Flat Seal


Acme Lead Seal Company is incorporated into Acme Seals Limited expanding its range of products to include metal pressings, lead extrusion and specialised lead castings.


Acme moves to new premises in Ferndale Road, Leytonstone, East London to expand the lead seal and press business.


Design of the first sequentially numbered tin coated metal strap Shackle Seal using a lead rivet and sealing press. This seal is stronger than the conventional lead seal and provides traceability by recording the security number.


Many variations of lead seals and presses are being designed including the introduction of lashed wire to improve security.


Acme Lead Seal Company established at Harrow Green Works in Leytonstone East London marking a significant era for the future of security sealing and following the development and success of a Lead Seal and Sealing Press, the Mark Lane Press, used for sealing the famous Penny Post for the Royal Mail.