Griptight Seal.

Recommended applications

Airlines, Cargo, Trailers, Tankers, Rail freight,
Refineries, Containers, Postbags, Lockers, Banks,
Cash in Transit.


Body - Nylon 66
Insert - Acetyl

Available Operating Length

(L1) 25cm (overall 28cm)
(L2) 32cm (overall 35cm)

Ribbon Diameter


Tag Marking Dimensions

36mm x 25mm

Average Breaking Strength


  Download Acme Griptight datasheet (156kb)

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Acme Griptight Seal


The Acme Griptight Seal is a heavy duty pull-tight seal manufactured from two dissimilar materials. The acetyl insert is durable and will withstand freezing and boiling conditions, whilst the nylon body is flexible for easy use.

The design features rolled heat staking technology to secure the insert to the body, which provides clear evidence of tampering if forced open or cut. This seal is suitable for most applications where strength is a requirement.