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Compliance Certificates.

  • ISO 17712
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • HMRC
  • ISMA
ISO 17712

It is mandatory within IS17712:2010 that all Manufacturer and Supplier claims for IS17712:2010 compliance must be supported by Certificates or Documents all of which must be issued by Independent Bodies with whom they have no links or affiliations.






IS 9001:2000 (or later)

ISO Accredited Auditor

Quality Assurance


ISO 17712:2010 Normative Annex

Independent Auditor

Business Processes and Practices


IS/IEC 17025 including Scope for 17712 testing

Product Testing Laboratory

Laboratory Processes and Practices


Classification test results

Product Testing Laboratory

Product Compliance

Acme Seals Certificates and Documents




AUK ISO 9001 2015 UKAS


MSIA ISO 9001 2015

ISO 17712 Compliance Certificate



The Acme Seals Test Lab report on the Bolt Seal is a digitally signed document originating from the Test Lab used. To avoid circulation and exposure to fraudulent or illegal copies of this document it is essential that interested parties download the document from this site only or as an alternative request that either Acme Seals company send a genuine copy to you via email.





There are many security seal manufacturers who are claiming that they are able to offer C-TPAT Compliant Security Seals as a specific part of their marketing, promotion and sales activities.

Sorry - they cannot !

These claims are influencing Buyers who, when issuing supply tenders or request for quotations, are stipulating that they require C-TPAT compliant seals.

Sorry – there is no such thing !

And here is the reason why:-

Within the USCBP C-TPAT guidelines there is only one reference to the use of security seals and this states that:

“A high security seal must be affixed to all loaded C-TPAT importer containers bound for the U.S. All seals must meet or exceed the current PAS ISO 17712 standards for high security seals.”

You will note from the C-TPAT wording there is no such thing as a “C-TPAT compliant seal” there is only the single reference to ISO 17712 seals – check it out for yourself by visitng the following link:


The Acme Bolt seal is an ISO 17712 H compliant Bolt Seal and therefore may be used on U.S. bound C-TPAT traffic.


Leaving ISMA – Full Statement

Following the latest meeting of I.S.M.A. the Management Team of the Acme Seals Group took the decision to withdraw their membership effective from May 30 2013. This statement is issued to ensure that all interested parties understand the TRUE background to this.

We at Acme Seals have not argued or fallen out with any of the remaining I.S.M.A. members. We have had (and still do have) a warm and friendly relationship with all of them and we do not foresee this changing in the future.

Our decision has been based on a culmination of events starting with our extreme disappointment that ISO 17712:2010(E) first edition 2010-09-01 was published with the inclusion of a totally un-workable Clause 6 relating to Tamper Testing of security seals. This, in our opinion, introduced inconsistency into the standard, a position totally opposite to the initial I.S.M.A. aim of achieving consistency. We argued strongly against Clause 6 at all stages but whilst many others admitted they did not want it either no-one stood up to be counted with us.

Of late it has become apparent that I.S.M.A. will commit itself to even more time and significant cost into further work on what is now a less effective document and it will be doing so because of issues that ISO themselves have with some of the content. We at Acme do not believe it remains incumbent on I.S.M.A. to bear responsibility for this.

For a very long time now I.S.M.A. had such a strong and lasting focus on ISO 17712 it has almost become a 'single issue' association. At the time of our leaving there was no meaningful forward strategy in place even though the importance of this has been discussed several times at previous meetings. We at Acme see direct parallels with the former UK based S.S.I.A. who back in 1980 'hosted' the now withdrawn BS7480 standard for security seals and then had no forward strategy once it was published; as a direct consequence S.S.I.A. has now lain dormant for almost 20 years and is very unlikely to be revived in the future - what will happen to I.S.M.A.?

So there is the truth - we at Acme Seals have fully supported I.S.M.A. during our membership and for the last 8 years have filled the position of Secretary through our colleague Malcolm Carter. If there are any queries relating to the content of this announcement please email Malcolm@acmeseals.co.uk for clarification.

Please note that if the queries relate directly to our time within I.S.M.A. the responses will be given in good faith unless it is felt they may breach the confidentiality of I.S.M.A. proceedings. If this arises an appropriate response will be made.

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